The Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail winds all along the coast in either direction from the house. Set out on foot to explore the natural beauty, native flora and wildlife.

You will discover geologic history written in lava rock and cultural history preserved in ancient lithified sand dunes. History unfolds here before your eyes and beneath your feet. Along with viewing evidence of the stages of the island’s volcanic growth over the past five million years, you’ll have the opportunity of examining the record of numerous Pleistocene sea level changes over the past 350,000 years.

Close to the house is the Makauwahi sinkhole where unearthed fossil-filled sediments have revealed a 10,000 year-old scenario of Mahaulepu’s native plants and animals through fossil pollen, bones and more. The impact of humans in the region over the past 1,000+ years is also revealed. Keep your eyes open for Green Sea Turtles, Spinner Dolphins, Monk Seals and Humpback Whales. These  can be viewed along the coast much of the year.